The world is constantly evolving. We now live in a world where the largest taxi company, Uber, owns no vehicles, the largest provider of online content, Facebook, owns no content and the largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns no property. None of these companies would exist without the Internet.

Years ago, marketers created brands. They devised a logo and strapline, created an advertising campaign and maybe employed a PR agency to shout about that brand.

Marketers created brands, they created brand advocacy, they created brand loyalty, and of course sales.


and the world changed forever.

Marketers need to co-create their brands with their customers. Entice them with things they like, in ways they like, in places they like to go.

A robust communications strategy helps you do just this. By voicing your brand vision and messages and joining in the discussion about your brand online, it allows you to build engagement with your audience, leading to brand advocacy, and supporting your sales pipeline.