The Big World of Coms

We have just had our annual work experience student with us here at Antelope, a 17 year old digital native, Millennial, straight out of sixth form college to learn the ropes of the exciting world of marcoms.

What was interesting was not the fact that she knew how to build a brand on social media (although of course she wouldn’t call it building a brand) or the fact that she could multi-task by typing while she listened to music and chatting to us in the office, but more that her view of the world felt so fresh.  

It also reminded us how big the world feels when you leave school or college.  Big in the sense of so much to discover and explore and big in the sense of learning, questioning and working out your place in the world. So here’s her diary of her week with us and how she felt about fitting into our bit of that world. 


First day of work! Well not actually my first day ever at work as I already have a weekend job working in a pub at weekends, but my first day in a job that might end up being part of the rest of my life. No pressure there then! Hayley, the MD at Antelope met me and spent the whole morning running me through what Antelope does – marcoms, marketing, communications, PR, B2B, B2C, the POEM approach– there are so many terms and acronyms that I think I might need a glossary.   


A day out at one of Antelope’s clients – Nice Media. Nice Media undertakes video for learning for companies to help their employees learn. My day here was a whirlwind of casting for actors (one of the best things ever), undertaking some market research and helping clean out the props cupboard. Such a fun and creative company – and the team so live up to their name – they are so nice. 


Up to Birmingham for a client meeting. One of the main things I am learning from this week is how diverse and interesting the world of marcoms can be.  From video learning one day to construction management the next, they all need communication plans and support to help tell their customers and influencers about their brands and services. 


At last a home day in the office.  As well as the client work, I realised there is internal work to be done too – from logging expenses, to updating the website, blog and social media feeds. As much as Antelope helps its clients build its brands, it needs to keep its brand alive too. 


Can’t believe it is my last day. From boardroom meetings to brainstorming stories for clients, drafting blogs to logging numbers, from calling journalists to networking with other specialists, the world of coms never stops.